Economic Impact of Coal Industry

Met coal worldwide is less abundant and more valuable than thermal coal. Alabama’s met coal contains very low sulfur and has strong coking properties, making it ideally suited for steel makers. Around 70% of global steel production is dependent on met coal.9 Most of the met coal mined in Alabama is exported to steel makers in Europe, Asia, and South America via the Port of Mobile. Three companies -- Warrior Met Coal, Peabody Energy, and Murray Energy Corp -- produce over 95 percent of all met coal mined in Alabama. One mine, Warrior Met Coal’s Mine #7, is responsible for 43 percent of the state’s total 11 million tons of met coal production. The dollar value of the met coal produced in Alabama during 2018 is estimated at $2 billion. METALLURGICAL COAL ECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE COAL INDUSTRY ON THE STATE OF ALABAMA 9